(Finally) Seeing Double

Call me particular.  Call me OCD.  And yes, call me anal.  But I like things that are symmetrical and that match.  And when they don’t, it weighs on me until I finally fix it.  I’m sure I drive The Hubs nuts with this little fault trait of mine.  Heck, I drive myself nuts!  How I wish I could be ok with abstractness and dishelvedness (is that a word?).

For instance, does this bother you?

If you said “what?” then you’re not anal and I’m jealous.  And no, I’m not talking about my bad picture-taking.  I’m talking about the two mis-matched monitors!   It was seriously driving me bonkers!   I needed to fix it or I would forever avoid the office because the mere sight of them made me twitch.  The first thought that entered my mind was “well just buy a new one.”  How stupid is that?  Buy a new monitor because it isn’t black?  The Hubs would kill me!  So the next best solution was of course to paint it….enter my brand new acrylic paint pen.

I know you’re scared.  I was. 

I know you’re super scared now.  See how it’s kind of shiny and you can still see my pen strokes?  Not really the look I was going for even if it was black.  Nervously I wondered:  could I have just ruined a $100 monitor?  The Hubs will kill me (he didn’t even know I was doing this….and in all honesty is probably finding out about this right now)!

I decided to relax, wait a day for everything to dry, and take another look (or at least take the next picture without the flash so you couldn’t see how bad it turned out).  Thankfully I waited because day two produced some great results…and I could even use the flash.

No more shiny pen marks.  No more silver monitor.  No more mis-match.  Chalk up a big ‘ol WIN for the “particular,” “OCD” and “anal” crowd!

Next up?  Those heinously messy cables….they kinda make me want to puke.



  1. It’s good to know that I am not alone, there is a crowd! (or at least 2 of us! ha ha) Didn’t even know there was an acrylic paint pen option…love it.

  2. I must be anal as well, I noticed the mis-matched monitors before I read about it. Us O’Connell girls like organization! It looks much better. :)

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