A little bit of This and a little bit of That

Why is it that the small easy-to-accomplish projects are the ones that never get done?  The paint touch-ups needed around the house, stitching a pillow, fixing that leaky hose…sewing that dang button on.   Maybe it’s because they’re just too easy to do.  Maybe we don’t really care about that missing button.  Or maybe it’s just that they fall lower on the priority list than our other To Do items.  Whatever the reason, I have quite a few things around the house that have been pushed aside for too long….and I found myself with a little slice of heaven this weekend after getting home early (2:00 on Sunday) from our weekend adventure (skiing in Idaho for The Hubs’ birthday).

Is it sad that I was giddy to be home for this “long” on the weekend?  Maybe so.  But because it wasn’t an extraordinarily long amount of time, I decided to tackle some of the smaller projects I’d been pushing aside for a while.  Don’t get too excited Amy T.; I still need to paint that patched hole in our bedroom!

First up:  Repair my favorite cake stand.

I would be lying if I said there were no tears shed when I broke this piece.  Mostly because the reason it broke was so stupid!  For some reason I had decided to take the cake stand to work for a fancy brownie display.  I know.  I know.  No one at work cares about my cake stand so why the hell did I bother?  All they want are the brownies and I promise you they would eat them out of the garbage can if that’s where I served them.  But…that’s just how I roll so the cake stand was coming with me.  Until the paper bag I was carrying everything in broke and my precious cake stand fell to the floor and broke.   Sigh. 

Isn't that the saddest little cake stand you've ever seen?

If there was any good news to be had for this situation, it’s that the damage could be easily fixed; just a little super glue and I should be good to go.

Except when the cap is stuck on your super glue bottle.  And you’re so strong (apparently) that you bust the bottle open trying to remove just the cap.  And gobs upon gobs of super glue are now all over your hands.    So you think running your hands under warm water will fix it.  Except that now super glue is literally coating every square inch of your hands and drying.  Oh…and The Hubs isn’t home?  Yeah, that’s right.  So you get out your laptop and oh-so-carefully login…trying not to stick your fingers to the keyboard.  Which is actually turning out to be a highly unlikely scenario because the glue is starting to dry and your hands are basically frozen solid in a weird mannequin shape.  Somehow you manage though, and Google tells you to soak your hands in a mixture of warm water, vinegar and dish soap.  Sounds real easy to do….if you have use of your hands!  I’ll let your imagination work for the rest of this scenario…but basically it took me an hour of soaking to get that dang glue off, or at least enough to function.  The rest of it just might stay as a reminder to handle super glue with care.

Since I’m highly nervous about glue now, I purchased these fancy little one-use super glues.  Isn’t that the best idea ever?  So you can just throw the dang bottle away when you’re done?  Holl. lla. 

life (and hand) savers

Now I can get back to the business of fixin’!

Now I just need something heavy to make sure that glue sticks….hmmm….

Now that's my kind of bible...

A few hours and….ta da!  Good as new.  My hands may still be gluey, but at least I have my favorite cake stand back in action.

I'm feeling the need to bake a cake...but perhaps I should dust my kitchen table first. ha ha. Don't judge me.

Ok…next on the Sunday agenda (which strangely enough it wasn’t “dust kitchen table”)…sew a button back on my living room pillow.  This has been driving me nuts for months….and truth be told….it took me five stinkin’ minutes to fix it. 

Not even kidding.  Five minutes later…

What a difference a button can make.

And then…oh yes, there is more.  I finally remembered to pick up some of my favorite sink cleaner, Bon Ami at the Good Food Store while shopping.  Have you guys tried this stuff?  It’s amazing!  The best part is there are no harsh chemicals…it’s make entirely from minerals (five to be exact:  limestone, feldspar, biodegradable cleansing agents, soda ash and baking soda).  Ok wait, the best part actually is that it polishes your sink so it shines like the top of the Chrysler building.  (Annie anyone)?  So if any of you have stainless steel sinks and have trouble with water spotting, etc.  Give this stuff a whirl.  You’ll be glad you did.

Please note this pic was taken before applying.  I tried taking some “after” pics but nothing really did it justice.  Just trust me when I say it works, mmmmkay?

Finally (well, on top of going to the store, planning The Hubs birthday dinner, making my frittata, unpacking and picking up Summit), I also made some progress on my little bathroom project.  I’m hoping to have it done this week and able to share with you next, so hold on to yer hats!   But don’t get too excited…it’s nothing earth shattering…although I think ya’ll will like it. 

So there you have it.  A partially-productive weekend.   And don’tcha know it?  That dang floor still isn’t vacuumed!  What.  The.  Hell.  Guess I’ll chalk that up to “one of those easy things that just get pushed aside.”   Lucky for me, I’m thinking it’s going to turn into “one of those things that gets pushed over to The Hubs plate.”   <Insert evil laugh here>

I’m curious – if you had a few unexpected extra hours what would you do?  Would you tackle some of those little projects that are piling up?  Would you read a few chapters of a book?   Catch up on email?  Watch a favorite TV show?  Vacuum??



  1. I did the super glue on the hands thing as well. I got a few drops on my lap top which resulted in, thank goodness, only one button that won’t work now. Thanks for the one time use suggestion… I’m all over that one. :D

  2. When I get unexpected time, my mind goes crazy with all the things that I could do. So I end up just sitting, and doing none of them!

  3. Would you like to come over to my house with a few of those unexpected hours of free time? I tackle ‘to do lists’ better with company…a certain clean refrigerator and pantry come to mind. :) I’ll supply the wine.

      1. Is it weird that I really want someone to hang out with in order to tackle my list?! Is that called procrastination?

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