Favorite Things: Nursery (Post 2)

I’m back again today with another nursery show-and-tell.   This time I’m taking you to the Pacific Northwest to visit my other sister Amy (and hubs Lindan) and her nursery for their daughter Ella.

Just like my older sister Erin, Amy is extremely creative.  I’ve always admired her sense of style and her ability to pull spaces together.  Whether it was her dorm room, our less-than-desirable duplex that we shared or her tiny apartment…she’s always made the best of the situation and turned them into a place anyone would be happy to call home.   Their house now is no exception.  She’s also extremely talented when it comes to crafting, design and quilting.  This girl can make some seriously beautiful quilts!  Oh, and did I mention she can decorate cakes?  Amazing cakes?  Yeah, she does.  She also somehow manages to make them without eating any cake scraps or spoonfuls of frosting.  Annoying.  Admirable.  Anyways, in a lot of ways I look up to Amy too….but I still hold on to my big sister instinct to protect her…even though she doesn’t really need it anymore.  She’s definitely got it together, as you’ll probably be able to tell from these pics. 

Here’s her lovely space for the precious Ella:

Starting with a view from the doorway again. Amy did know the sex of her baby, so she decided on pink and green as her base colors.

A closer view of the bookshelf with that cute light! I love all of the coordinating bins to keep things organized and tucked away.

Aren't these darling? And so simple! She framed Amy Butler (one of her favorite fabric designers) scrapbook paper. Genius!

Here's the changing station. Amy has since updated the frames with pictures from her maternity session. I also love the "blessed" sign on the door.

Here's where Amy decided to display her silver baby cup.

Made especially for Ella by her mommy

Pretty dang cute, right?  I feel like I got better “detail” shots of Amy’s nursery (as opposed to Erin’s).  What can I say…blogging-brain is a real thing…and I didn’t have it two years ago! 

What are you digging on?  The trendy framed scrapbook paper?  The pink and green color scheme?  That amazing quilt?   I can hardly decide, but I think I like the display with the ultrasound pic next to Amy and Lindan’s baby cups.   I’m also digging on this pic of Ella I just got in the mail.

So there you have it!  Two of my favorite nurserys.  Aren’t my sisters amazing?  I’m thinking I need to recruit them for some guest posts here soon.   That is, if they can spare a moment with those cute kiddos!

me, erin, amy



  1. Awe, gee thanks Janna. What kind words. I am very lucky to have you as a sister and am thankful everyday. I got the idea of framing the scrapbook paper from you, instead of framing fabric like you did I took an easier route and used paper. Can’t wait to see you soon! xoxo

  2. super cute! I wish I had that kind of decorating talent. Even cuter than the room is baby Ella. Can I say ADORABLE. I would love to meet her. Maybe this summer.

  3. Love it all and couldn’t agree with you more about our baby sis, she’s got some serious talent! I plan to copy those cute frames w/ paper for myself! BTW one of my best sources of decoating inspiration is the two of you…just sayin!

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