Aack! Uncle! Uncle!

I’m crying uncle.  I’m throwing in the towel.  I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.  I’m in-over-my-head. 

All of those. 

Oh.  And I’m tired.

It’s been two full months since I started blogging (so I’m pretty much an expert).   When I started this madness in January as one of my New Year’s Resolutions I vowed to post five times a week.   That seemed reasonable…once a day except on the weekends?  Sure.   And I’ve managed to stick pretty close to it except for that one week when worked kicked my butt.   But that’s ok.  Life happens, eh? 


I can honestly say that I’m loving the whole blogging-thing.  I enjoy writing.  I look forward to sharing stories, adventures and projects.  I jot down ideas for posts on random pieces of paper (that are now randomly living across our house).   And it’s super fun to get comments on blog posts because (a) it means someone is reading it and (b) it means someone is reading it!   Seriously….when I see an email titled “comment-reply@wordpress.com” it trumps all other emails.  In fact it trumps all other activity at that time while I run casually stroll to my laptop to read (then re-read) the comment.  It’s strange I know….but it makes me smile.   In a way it makes it all worth it.

It’s not to say that blogging doesn’t have it’s drawbacks.  For one, I feel as though it’s made me slightly narcissistic.  I mean…it’s an entire website dedicated to me.  Me, me, me.   So now everyone (yes, even strangers) know what’s going on in my life.   As a result, I find my phone doesn’t ring as much with friends wanting to “catch up”….because they’ve read all about it in yesterdays’-post.   Good or bad, it is what it is. 

Alas….reality has struck me like a bolt of lightning.  Turns out posting five days a week is not very realistic for me right now.  Not if my house is ever going to get clean.  Blogging doesn’t cook dinner.  It doesn’t clean the toilets.  It doesn’t pick up milk at the store.  And it certainly doesn’t work 40+ hours a week.   

So, until I get to the point where I’m not writing tomorrow’s post today…I need to slow ‘er down.  Ideally I’ll have several posts started and in-progress, and even more that are ready to-go and just waiting for their scheduled publishing.  It all comes back to some good ‘ol fashioned planning and ya’ll know how I feel about that.  Besides, I need some time to actually complete some post-worthy material!    I don’t ever want to get to the point where I’m “posting-just-to-post.”  I want them to have some thought behind them.  Which I hope I’ve done a good job of so far.  

More importantly, I don’t want to feel guilty if I don’t post something.  This week I’ve been stressing out about missing Monday, then Tuesday….and that’s totally not worth it!  It will make me hate blogging if it becomes a job. 

Bottom line:  I’m not stopping!  God no!  I just need to scale ‘er back to an average of maybe 3 posts a week.  Sometimes it may be more, but hopefully not less.  I think doing so will help keep my house clean, give me more time to work on projects and in the end, give you better-quality posts.  What’s to hate about that? 

Someday I may be so organized and on-top-of-it that I can bump it back up to 5 days a week.  Or maybe someone will want to pay me large amounts of money to blog everyday.  I can only hope.

Until then,  don’t give up on me.  Watch for my posts via Facebook, subscribe by email, or check back a few times a week to see what’s new.  I’ve got some promising material to share with you soon…including our recent backcountry ski trip (with possible video),  yet another bathroom project (just for you Erin M.), some amazing nursery pictures (not mine!) to share, some (hopefully) yummy Indian recipes and of course…..the big elk rack battle decision.



  1. I was wondering if you were SuperWoman in disguise! Now I know you are human, just like the rest of us, with a few superpower tricks up your sleves. I will continue to look forward to your posts, whenever you can get to it; 1, 3, 5 or, 7 days a week. :) It’s both fun and entertaining to read them, you’ve got talent my friend.

    1. Awe….thanks! If there were a prize for most comments you would win. Thank you thank you!! I never get tired of them. Thanks for your support!

      1. Oh boy, could I get a prize?! I guess I just have a lot to say, some may even call me wordy…ha ha!

  2. Janna you are so cute. I love your blogs. I don’t always get around to reading them but every time I do I get a picture of you as Carrie from Sex in the City….narrating you and your friends lives. Keep up the good work girly.

    1. That’s quite the compliment Kaely! But I certainly hope in your image I’m not smoking. Ha ha. Like I said, maybe someday I’ll get paid the big bucks to write my blog…and some rich artist will whisk me off to Paris where I’ll lose my Janna necklace….all to be saved by the Hubs (as long as I’m not whisked away during September – November).

  3. Dear Janna,
    I have loved reading your posts- just have never replied but ask Erin- “did you see Janna’s latest?” So they have been truly enjoyed.
    But for all the reasons you noted- take a break! Spring is around the corner and many more outdoor activities for you and Hubs

    You write very wel and should be so proud of what you have started. PS – would you come decorate the river house??

    1. Awe!! Momma Cherry!! You brought a smile to my face. Rest assured this is not the end…but you’re right. Spring will bring more running, rafting and god knows what else The Hubs dreams up.

      And…um…I’ll come to the river house whenever!! To decorate, play, visit….whatever!! :)

  4. Oh Janna! Was this decision because all I talked about was me during our conversation last night since I already knew everything you’ve been up to? Haha! Totally kidding. I quite enjoyed it, but realized after I hung up that I rambled on and on the whole time. My gosh. Anyway, I will be more than happy to read as many blogs as you are able to (or decide to) post each week. And I promise I will still play telephone tag with you for weeks. :-)

    1. Ha Ha Ha….oh good. I’m not sure what I would do without my telephone tag games with you. And btw…I’m used to you talking a lot. ;)

  5. Well, I had a dream last night . . . I was telling Amy about ALL the things you’ve been able to fit in your life, all of a sudden we’re traveling in a BIG SWIRLING RED TEA CUP (disneylike) and we slide right off a bridge and our cup losses shape and we’re saying oh no, how can she do all that . . . now, where in the world did that come from?

    1. How I wish I would have gone to school to be a dream interpeter!! ha ha. Kinda weird……is that what prompted the Mad Hatter text perhaps?? :)

    1. Oh Pops…don’t worry. I’m not pulling the plug on you. But maybe you should start drinking caffeine if you need a little morning buzz. :)

  6. Hello Janna,
    I think your blog is awesome! I wish I could write as well as you do. Anyhow I stole your wine cork shadow box idea. When I presented the idea to my Fiance I had claimed it as my own. I eventually confessed to stealing it from you. Now I think she reads your blog too! Keep up the good work.

    1. You just made my day Mike! Seriously….I read your comment and said “awwwweeeee!!”….then a guy outside my office goes….”is there a puppy in there or something?” hahahaha

      I’m touched you read along….and stoked that you made a wine cork shadow box! Holla! Cheers to you my friend. Maybe someday we’ll be able to contribute a cork from a bottle we’ve shared!

  7. Well it does pain me that I won’t have a funny story to break up my work day… but understandable. Blogs may not clean, but do husbands??? :-) suggestion- guest bloggers? I’d love to hear one from the Hubs, your oh-so-creative siblings (myself included. Ha… jk.) And Summy!

    1. Ha Ha….no. Unfortunately husbands don’t clean either. At least in my neck of the woods.

      I’m totally in support of guest bloggers. But your some topics may need to be cleared. :) Let me know if you’re interested!

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