Um, Thanks?

I think I’m kind of a dork.  I love to come up with new creative ways to “thank” the members of my project teams at work.  I’m sure everyone is always wondering what the hell I’m up to and why I even bother. 

But I’m also a strong believer in the fact that a simple “Thank You” can make a huge difference and is often appreciated.  So if just one person appreciates it or gets a chuckle, then it was worth it.  And until someone convinces me otherwise, I’ll continue my dorkiness.

So here’s the latest little thank you project I completed (remember our 70-hour work week last week that kept me from blogging?  Well if that doesn’t deserve a thank you, I don’t know what does). 

That's right. Personalized chocolate bars. Super easy, super fun and super cute.

These are so easy!  The hardest part was making the template the right size (and not eating all of the chocolate).  All you have to do is create the template (and when I say “hard”….it took maybe 5 minutes), cut out the labels, and wrap them around the candy bars and secure with a drop of glue. 

You had to be there for the "Mr. Squidy" thing. It happened day two about 9:00 at night.

I think the team will dig the personalized messages and inside jokes. 

You can even print on the back and make an even more customized message

This whole little project only took about an hour, so it’s totally do-able for any situation.  I mean think of the possibilities….weddings, showers….whatever!  I’ve seen online stores you can buy customized labels from  (specifically for weddings or something), but honestly this was so easy I can’t imagine paying anyone to do it.  And of course you could spend more time on the design, etc. to make them a bit more fancy…

So what do you think?  Have you guys ever done something similar?  And quick, give me some new ideas for my next project!

Before I leave you though….I should keep it real.  Everything isn’t puppies and rainbows over here all the time.  I have had ideas flop.  Take for example the sugar cookies I was soooooooo excited about.  I thought it would be sooooo creative and fun to make sugar cookies with the logo of our new system on them.  I made the dough two days ahead, properly chilled it, rolled them out, cut them out, baked them.  Then I made the frosting, colored the frosting and frosted 50 sugar cookies with this damn little logo.  

And you know what people said?  People that support this system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  People that click on this little logo at least once, but most likely several times a day?   “What’s that supposed to be?”

I’m not kidding.  Even the Technical Lead on our project team said “That’s what???” 

And in my defense….they were spot on.   I was utterly disappointed.  Seriously. 

Well, you be the judge!  Here’s the logo.  Don’t even start to complain that it’s too small.

Here's the sweat shop in action at home. Off the clock mind you.

And here's one more, just to show you how much it really did look like the logo!

I don’t want to hear about how the logo is too small to compare.  I’m much to tired to figure out where I can find a bigger “Citrix XenApp” logo.  If you can find one and send it to me, I’ll update this post accordingly.

I’ll find out tomorrow if the candy bars are a flop too.  I don’t know how they could be….but then again I had high expectations for the cookies too.

But back to the part where we were sharing ideas…do you guys have any for me that will support my dorkiness?



  1. I’d like to apply for a spot on your team. It looks like the fringe benefits are delicious!
    Here’s another idea for you…how about a yummy bundt pan coffee cake and a jug of Starbucks to go, set up in the break room with a huge sign that reads “Well that was a piece of CAKE!’ ha ha
    That’s all I’ve got for you. :)

    1. Oh. Em. Gee. How could I have missed that one! Three years into this project and I’ve never done that. Thank you seeeesta! I will absolutely be doing that….especially because I just happen to have the best bundt cake recipe ever!

      1. Well DO SHARE! I think coffee along with cake is the perfect way to start any day! I feel a future post coming on…

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