Cheesy Comfort

It has been dumping snow here in Missoula!  It seriously just.  won’t.  stop.  And it’s awesome.   I’m working on a post about our weekend adventure to share with you soon.  But until then, I thought I would share another recipe with ya’ll…because all of these pretzels are making me thirsty all of this snow makes me crave comfort food. 

One of my favorite comfort foods is homemade macaroni and cheese.  Seriously, what could be better than mounds of melted cheese?  Yeah, not much.  I have a few different recipes ranging from my Grandma’s delicious recipe (that I can’t seem to quite master), to some really yummy but not-good-for-you-at-all recipes, to some relatively healthy (or at least make you think they are healthy) recipes.  I suppose it just depends on what type of mood I’m in and how tight my pants are that day as to which recipe gets made.

This weekend it was the healthy version…which surprisingly is quite satisfying!  I find it’s also a sneaky way to get the hubs to down some veggies….as the majority of cheese is replaced with butternut squash.  I feel like this would be a good recipe for kiddos too.  Husbands and Kiddos.  hahaha.  Anyways, here’s how it goes down:

Simmer your cubed squash in milk and chicken broth

Meanwhile chop yourself up some bread crumbs from a yummy artisan loaf

Once you can easily pierce the squash with your fork, mash up all the cubes so it looks like so. Oh, and also meanwhile...boil 1 lb of elbow macaroni

Combine the squash mixture with the drained macaroni....stir in some ricotta (for creaminess) and a wee bit of parmesan and sharp cheddar. Then top with your breadcrumbs

Now, I understand that this is my “healthy” recipe.  But healthy or not, in my opinion this version really skimps on the cheese.  I think it’s something like 1 Cup plus 4 Tbs?  Seriously?  I like to add just a titch more…because I like cheese.   And because I feel pretty good already about the squash.  haha.  Whatever works, right?  Cook as directed and you should have something like this:

So there you have it.  Cheesy, yummy comfort food.  It looks like winter is sticking around for a while yet (yay!) so if you’re feeling cheesy too, give this recipe a try.   And if you do, be sure to let me know how it turns out!

In case my stellar directions aren’t quite enough (what, you want like measurements and stuff??)…you can find the full recipe here.

Update:  Check out this reader-submitted picture (ok, she’s my sister so she is guilted into reading my blog) of her own squashy-cheesy dish!  I hesitated to post it because it looks better than mine, but I guess I’ll just get used to it.  Glad your hubs and my cute little nephew gobbled it up!  I love the alternative bread crumbs…it makes such a difference!




  1. What?! there’s no option for me to post a comment picture? I have a photo of my own cheesy comfort to share…it turned out great! And as you suggested, both my husband and my kiddo ate it, YAY!

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