Put a cork in it

I like wine.  I like most everything about wine.  The bottles that come in all shapes colors and sizes.  The creative, artistic and colorful labels.  The earthy full-bodied reds.  The summery-sweet whites.  The delicate crystal wine glasses you drink it out of (or the stemless options if you’re feeling unbalanced).  The different smells, tastes and textures that come with different blends and grapes.  The corks with different designs, logos and animals.  Ahh yes.  I think I like wine very much.    There’s something about pouring a glass while cooking dinner….reading a book (yes Liz, I read now!), catching up on a favorite show or just sitting on the front porch watching the sunset.  This is not to be confused with cracking a cold one after a hard day on the ski hill.  Beer is just as delicious to me…but in different circumstances.

Something not everyone knows about me (but probably will now) is that I’m a pretty sentimental person.   I tend to hang onto things that have special meaning to me.  A handful of wheat that I picked from my Grandma’s field when she sold her house at the lake?  Still have it.  A rock that caught my eye on a seven-day trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River?  Yep.  On my desk.  Almost every single note that was passed back and forth between my girlfriends in highschool?  Shockingly….and somewhat embarassingly…yes.    The bell that was tied to a balloon I let go after my mom’s funeral?  You better believe it.  Birthday cards, graduation cards and flower arrangement cards?  Uh huh…and all in a special little box.  Friends’ wedding invitations (and now baby invitations)?  Check and check.  The grass wedding ring I braided for The Hubs to wear after he lost his real one two summers ago?  Just in case (cuz I am not buying him another one.  I draw the line at two).   

You get the picture.  Some might say I’m just a packrat, and to those of you I’d say “talk to my dad.”  And let’s clarify…I am not a hoarder.  In reality it’s just because I’m one big cheeseball sentimental chap.

Given this little sentiment of mine…it’s only natural that I like to keep my wine corks as cherished little treasures.  I like to look at them and be reminded of the bottle we shared on our Honeymoon in Hawaii on our balcony overlooking the ocean, or the one I drank with my sisters over Sister’s Weekend (yes that’s a thing) last year.  I think it’s fun to have people sign and date the corks after we shared the bottle….as if to seal the memory forever. 

Also given how much I like wine….you can guess that I have a lot of corks.   Which meant I needed some sort of functional solution to coral and display them. 

A trip to Target proved to be successful.  I came home with a tall shadow box and a 1″ drill bit.  The idea was simple…drill a hole in the top of the shadow box big enough to drop a cork through.  The corks can then accumulate in the shadow box but still be displayed for sentimental-Janna.

I also decided to cover the back panel of the shadow box with a fun piece of fabric…just to keep it interesting.  The pictures below are actually from the second cork-keeper I made for my sister.  I perfected the process (but not the pictures obviously) the second time around!

I love the way the corks fall haphazardly to the bottom of the shadow box and create their own little pyramid that changes with each new cork.  And I of course love that you can see what special event the corks are from.  I noticed a few “Italy” corks in my sisters from their recent trip abroad.  What a special reminder for them. 

What do you think?  Is anyone else sentimental like me?  Do you have a creative way of saving/displaying your own wine corks?  Do share.



  1. I love this idea, although I put my corks in a clear glass jar with a lid. And I write on the cork as well if the event is special. But what I’m really wondering is if you have any other ideas for cute and creative ways to organize your momentos?

    1. You definitely should make one! They’re super easy. And I know…I wish we could drink wine together more often as well. Keep me posted on how it turns out!!

  2. J Lo-

    I finally did it, I read one of your blogs. Your sister is correct, you do learn something new about the person, and I have to admit it was quite enjoyable. Your favorite brother-n-law!!!

    1. hahaha. Glad you finally took one for the team and read a post Rob. :) Just so ya know…anything you say or do from this point forward is subject to blogging. Okie dokie?

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