Frost Fever

I’ve got the fever people!  Frost fever!

We’ve got two guest bedrooms upstairs that are connected with a Jack-and-Jill bathroom (I totally sound like I know what I’m talking about, don’t I?  Truth be told I just learned that our bathroom was called that.  And I think it’s hilarious).  So in case you aren’t hip and know what that means….it’s just a fancy name for a bathroom that sits between two rooms – so kind of like a hallway.  Cool, huh?  Does anyone else unknowingly have a J-n-J bathroom? 

Anyhoo….I’ve been meaning for years (yes, years) to sew some curtains for the bathroom window.  It needs a punch of color in there and what better/easier way to do that then with some curtains?  The problem, which I’ve mentioned before, is this:  I’m paralyzed by color choice.  Yep.  Can’t do it.  Sure, I can find lots of fabric that I like but I can just never pull the trigger on something.  Except that one time two years ago during Sisters Weekend when I bought some fabric and was determined to end the bathroom curtain debacle.   Anyone want to take a gander at where that fabric is sitting right now?  Yep.  Still folded up all pretty-like just waiting to be transformed.  Ooops.

My procrastination has been a problem though (mostly for guests…my bad).  See, the window sits right above the toilet and across from a large mirror.  Within view of the large mirror is the shower.  Are you sensing the problem?  If by chance a guest gets in the shower and forgets to close the blinds, the whole neighborhood could be watching!  Eee Ghads.   Granted, this is a second-story window we’re talking about.  So it’s not like any random passerby would get a full body shot.  But the window does face the street.   And if you’re showering when it’s dark outside with the light on inside…..well…I don’t need to tell any of you the best way to peek into windows.  But “lights on” and “dark out” is primo viewing time.   And what if you’re standing outside of the shower drying off and notice the blinds are open?  Then you’ve got to walk towards the window (which probably seems gigantic at that point) and fumble around naked trying to close the blinds.  It’s just not a pretty situation, is it?

What's the secret to taking a picture of a window?? It's hard!

So.  Instead of forcing myself to make a decision on curtain color….I’ve fallen in love with frosting.  (Yes, I love all frosting….vanilla, chocolate, buttercream, whatever).  But that’s not the type of frosting I’m talking about.  I’m taking about the miraculous sheets of window film that you can apply and turn any window into a privacy (yet fancy frosted) window.  Holla!  Even with a curtain I want frosted windows…so it wasn’t wasted time or money in my book.

Ok wait.  I’ll be honest:  there was about $5.00 worth of wasted money.  The first window film I bought was the first one I saw at our local hardware store:  Frosty Contact.  I should have known by the porno-inspired name that this window film was not for me.  I had envisioned a frosty glass pane that resembled glass etching….not an obvious diamond-patterned design that looks like it could have been the backdrop for said porno.

Frosty Contact...

I actually did try applying the Frosty Contact and about halfway through decided I couldn’t do it.  There had to be a way for me to do this and stay classy.   

So the next night I ventured to Home Depot where I found (and fell in love with) Gilla Window Film in Frost.  It just sounds better, doesn’ it?  And it is better….so much better.  It’s exactly what I wanted!  Nevermind that I had to buy a gigantic roll of it. 

Frosty AND classy. Now we're talkin.

Any idea how hard it is to take a picture of a frosted glass when it's snowy and cloudy outside?

It was so easy to apply (seriously, less than 10 minutes tops), and looks great too ifidosaysomyself.  I can’t believe it took me so long to tackle this project!  I already have like 5 other windows I want to frost (so maybe the gigantic roll wasn’t such a bad thing).

I'm not kidding about the gigantic roll.

Now if I could just muster up the decision-making skills to whip up a curtain.  I mean, once I pick the fabric it’s only another ten minute solution…and just think of how much better it will look.  Someday.

For now though, I’ll end this post with a few shoutouts.

To my previous guests:  I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner.  I really hope no one saw you naked.

To my future guests:  You’re welcome.

To the passerbys and neighbors:  I’m so sorry if you’ve seen something inappropriate.  Now quit looking you creepers.



  1. My favorite part of visiting you guys was putting on a show out that window… In the shower… Via the mirror! Your neighbors are going to be so disappointed next time we come visit.

  2. Thank you for solving a problem that I didn’t know I had! (ha ha) Must be in my own little world and didn’t realize I was puttin’ on a show via the mirror/window…yikes! Good call on the Gilla Frost vs. the porn star version-classy!

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