Can we borrow a kid?

Those of you with an Ikea within two hours of your house have no idea how lucky you are (heck, I’d even stretch that to three hours).  I heart Ikea.  Who doesn’t besides dudes?  If I’m lucky I get to go there once a year during one of my Seattle visits.   The problem of course is that I typically fly to Seattle, which means any big-ticket-item-purchases are out of the question (unless of course my sister and brother in law are so gracious to drive something back for me when they come home.  And yes.  I have filled the back of their vehicle before).   Anyways, this isn’t the point of the post; just know that you’re lucky if you have one close!

On my last trip to Ikea I ran across these cute little elk-shaped pasta thingys.  Totally carry-on-able right?

Pasta Elks!

At the time, I thought it would be super cute to bring these home to The Hubs.  I mean here I am:  at Ikea for my once a year trip and instead of finding awesome things for me…I’m thinking of my husband!  How nice am I?  And these were perfect!  He IS a hunter afterall, right (if you missed that little tidbit, read this)?  Our freezer is overflowing with elk.  He is gone part of the year chasing these things.   Elk are a pretty major part of my life, so I thought it was fitting.

Side note:  I find it funny that they are called Pasta Elks.  Isn’t the plural of Elk….just Elk?  Maybe it’s some weird Swedish thing. 

Anyways, I don’t think The Hubs shared my enthusiasm for the pasta elks.  “What are those?  Moose?”  he says.  haha.  So needless to say they sat in our pantry for several months.  Until last night.  I decided it was time to sacrafice the pasta elks.   

Ok fine. Maybe they do look like moose.

As I was cooking them, I realized it kinda felt like I was making Scooby Doo Mac ‘n Cheese or something.  Maybe the pasta elks weren’t as hip as I thought they were.   Darn. 

But, in my defense, they did look kinda cool and it was something different.  It just felt like maybe we should have had a seven-year-old joining us for dinner. 

I think I need to practice taking pictures of food. This doesn't look so good to me! But it was, I promise!

And do you know what The Hubs said as he sat down for dinner?  “Whoa!  Moose!” 

Recipe for Chicken Tenders Parmesean with Penne Pasta Elks and Broccoli


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