One woman’s trash…

Ok, I’m pretty much dying over here…

I just read a post from Sherry on Young House Love (one of my daily blog reads and favorite go-to DIY resource).  She just purchased a ceramic sheep head and is over-the-top excited about it.   Like wants-to-hang-it-above-her-bed-excited.  You’ve got to read it here:

For those of you that know me, you’ll totally understand why I can’t stop laughing. 

For those of you that don’t….I promise to explain soon in a future post.   I don’t have adequate time to explain right now.

To Sherry – I love your ceramic animal addiction.  Few people find such a calling in life!  If you check back and read my post, you’ll understand.

And to The Hubs:  don’t be mad.  I warned you this day would come.



  1. I’m sensing a can of worms has been re-opened. ha ha Looking forward to your own sheep head blog…hopefully it won’t include an emergency trip to TJ Maxx!

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