Update – It’s a DOvet!

A few weeks ago I ordered a new duvet cover from West Elm.  You can read all about that here.   I wasn’t sure when it arrived if I was going to keep it or not…in fact, at the time of the post, I was pretty sure I was going to send it back.  However, thanks to all of your Internet love (ideas/suggestions/feedback), I was able to make some changes and make it work!  

Here’s a quick refresher of what Browny McBrownerton looked like before the new duvet:

And after a quick switchout (that I wasn’t too crazy about):

I took on some of your suggestions and headed to Target with a pillow case in hand.  I left with the following:  

  • New sheet color – the cream wasn’t working well with the design on the cover…the sheets looked too yellow.  I needed either a lighter white  to match, or a darker color to pick up on some of the darker tones in the design (see below).  As it turns out, the white on the cover isn’t really white at all…it’s more of a light cream.  So white definitely didn’t match.  Instead, I came home with a deep charcoal colored sheet.

See the darker charcoal color?

  • Bigger pillows –  it was bothering me that the pillows looked so dwarfed on the bed.  I decided to get two king-sized pillows and get pillow cases in the same dark charcoal grey color.
  • New throw pillows – the existing pillows weren’t working well either.  I needed something that matched a little bit better and possibly brought some color into the room. 
  • New throw – again, the brown throw on the bed wasn’t working with the new grey-toned duvet.  I needed something lighter to match. 

I discovered something about myself during this endeavor:  I’m paralyzed by color choices.  Almost everyone told me I needed a pop of color in there, but I couldn’t do it.  And instead of standing in the pillow aisle of Target for 2 hours, I gravitated towards what I like…neutrals.  Boring, I know. 

Here’s the change-up with all my new goods:

What do you think?  I’m loving it!  I don’t think the pictures even do it justice actually.  The only negative was that I kinda felt like I was making Hugh Hefner’s bed when I put on those dark sheets…but I quickly forgot when I got everything put together.  The throw pillows match the creamy design on the duvet perfectly (and are SO soft), and the ruffled blue pillow adds some color (to bring that wall back into play) and also brings some femininity to it. 

I still want to look at swapping out the curtains and getting matching side table lamps…but one thing at a time I suppose.  You know I’ll keep you updated when the switch-a-roo happens.

Thanks to everyone for your great advice!  I can now say I’m totally happy with the end result.  Yay!

Oh, one of the commenters had asked about the picture above the bed (wondering if I could swap it out with something colorful to have more colors in the room to play with).  I considered it changing it out, but decided that it’s too sentimental to move just yet.  It’s a picture of Warren Peak that the Hubs took the day we got engaged (he proposed during a hike in the Pintler Anaconda Wilderness).  I suppose I could move it somewhere else in the house, but I do love having it the bedroom for now.  Maybe someday!

What do you guys think of the fix?  Does it help??



  1. I totally heart that blue pillow. I have the white one… super soft!! Atta girl to get out of neutral land. Now just some spring/lime green and you’re good!!

  2. A little change is just what you needed to tie it all together. Looks great and I can’t wait to check it out in person! So glad you decided to keep the DO-vet, looks just like you!

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