To Duvet, or not to Duvet.

After our wedding in 2007 I splurged on a Calvin Klein Duvet cover from Macys.  I loved the fact that it was a dark brown (not to girly for the hubs), and had this really neat circle texture on it (more interesting than just your standard solid-colored cover).  The best part was that it was machine washable so I could easily toss it in the wash when needed.  I don’t know about you, but if something says “Dry Clean only” on the tag, in my house that means it never gets washed. 

Back then, we didn’t have a bedroom set, rather a mismatched compilation of furniture both of us contributed.  Last summer I decided it was time for us to be all grown-up and I purchased one from World Market.  I’m a big fan of the dark espresso wood, so it was perfect. 

Are you sensing a theme?  Brown duvet cover.  Brown furniture.  Browny McBrownerton.  Separately they are both fantastic….but together?  Maybe a little bit too much brown.

So I’ve been on the hunt for a new duvet cover for some time.  I didn’t want to spend as much this time because apparently I grow tired of things after 3-4 years.  Side note – do you notice how the older generation (like parents, friend’s parents, aunts/uncles, etc.) have the same furniture and accessories year after year?  I love the comfort of that…being able to visit and everything looks the same as in my memories.   Now, after just four short years with what was supposed to be a timeless piece, I’m ready for a change.  Did I not get that gene?  Do I disregard money?  Do I not buy lasting pieces?  Am I too picky?  Will I always be unsatisfied 4 years later?   Gosh I hope not.  My initial thought is that I’m still figuring out my style and trying to make our house a true reflection of that.  And we don’t always have the means to afford the pieces I really want, so I make do with “something else until then.”   At least that’s what I’m going with for now.  It’s definitely not because I’m too picky and turn a blind eye to the cost of my decisions.

Anyways, back to the duvet.  I finally found one that was (1) reasonable (2) gorgeous (3) would allow me to order something from West Elm.  Yay!  Check it the Solarized Duvet Cover here.   She arrived last weekend and I couldn’t wait to try ‘er out.

As soon as I pulled the luscious new duvet from its special little made-just-to-size bag….I remembered.  The wall.  The wall is blue.  How can I have a stone-colored duvet and a blue wall?  In my defense, the wall is a blue/grey that maybe, just maybe would work ok with the stoney/grey duvet.   But honestly?  I’m torn.  I love the duvet and the organic-looking design, but my gut reaction is that it’s not quite right with that damn blue wall.    Curses!

But enough from me.  Tell me what you think:  is this a DO-vet or a DON’T-vet? 

Here’s my before:

And some afters:   (Barb!  If you read this  I promise to iron the entire duvet if I keep it) 

What do you think?  I’m kinda sad because while I love the duvet….I’m not sure I love it on our room.  Is it the blue wall?  Is it my sheet color?  The lack of throw pillows?  Do I just need to admit defeat and box up the duvet, shams and a few tears and send it back to WE?  I suppose I could paint the wall….but that just seems like a lot ‘o work.   Afterall, I did just paint that sucker two years ago. 

I think I’ve decided what to do, but wanted to get a little advice from my friends…a.k.a….help!



  1. I love it!!! I think its perfect and can be quickly remedied by a change in sheet color and a few pillows. Even just o e pretty textured blue one made out of maybe a satiny fabric and could be matched with a dark color (navy? Brown?) In a velvet. For the sheets you could go with a white or dark gray to bring out the accent in the diver OR be super bold and get a subdued green similar to the blue wall.

    I really like the duvet… but then again im a sucker for gray duvet.

    1. I knew you were a sucker for a grey duvet. :) Thanks for all of your feedback, I appreciate it! I like the ideas for the pillows….and you’re right on the sheet color. I’ve got to get to Target stat for some crisp whites!

  2. So let me just preface this by saying you might be sorry for sending me the link to your blog. ;) You know I have lots of opinions and generally don’t have trouble sharing them….so here you go!
    Regarding the DO-vet, like you, I love it! And in my opinion, if you love a decorating piece (which sometimes is hard to find) it might be worth it to change a few other things to keep it. So for what it’s worth, I like the duvet and I like the blue wall. What’s not working for me is the sheets, brown throw, and possibly the brown curtains. Try white sheets, white or stone curtains and a super soft cozy throw. And keep us posted!

    1. You know I love an honest opinion sissy. I think you’re right…if I change up a few things I could really like it in my room! White sheets and curtains are a must. I may even have to look at a lamp swap. We’ll see. Thanks for your advice…it really helps! xoxo J

  3. Hi there!

    Thanks for coming to see me and thanks for reading my ramblings!

    So for my humble vote: I love the duvet AND the wall color – they complement each other and I don’t think you need to change either. But I would inject some color, just to kind of wake things up. A shot of red somewhere, or a yellow, or even some metallics? What about greens? You could have a whole spa-retreat thing happening. How married are you to the picture above the bed? You could switch it out for something colored and then pull a color from the picture in a throw pillow?

    But it’s definitely a DO-vet. :-)

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