That’ll learn ya…

This wasn’t exactly what I planned on posting about today…but it’s too funny to pass up.   I took Thursday and Friday off of work last week to embark on a ski vacation at Big Mountain Whitefish Mountain Resort (does anyone else refuse to call it by the new name?).  So I thought I’d get ahead of the game and come in early today to catch up on email.  Think again sucka…

Here’s what I walked into:

I started to work my way in before I realized this truly deserved documentation.

Yes my friends, that is my office blocked by at least 100 thin clients.  I had to just bust out laughing.  I mean, look at how good they did this, the boxes go above the door jam on the inside.  I have no idea how they conquered this feat. 

At first I thought I’d just move enough to get me into the office….but then a stroke of genius. 

If I was going to be moving the boxes anyways….why not move them somewhere that’s going to have some bang for my buck.  Oh, and also maybe start at getting the culprit back?  Sold. 

Sweet Revenge

Ahhh.  Yes much better.  My only regret is that I didn’t snap a picture of his reaction when he walked in the door. 

Has anyone else had office pranks pulled on them?  Someday I’ll tell you about the mouse-in-my-office-prank.  But that’s some serious business (which I haven’t fully forgiven), so it will have to wait for another post. 

And yes, everyone (all five of you) will be hearing about my ski vacation soon!


One comment

  1. Don’t you just love Monday mornings?! ha ha I seems like some of your co-workers are in the business of pranking you!

    Oh and ps-you’re right, it’s NOT ‘Whitefish Mountain Resort’…for Pete’s sake, who has time for that mouthful? It’s Big Mountain, plain and simple.

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