Dirty little secret

To the unassuming house guest, our master Bathroom is probably quite normal.  The standard toilet.  Shower.  Towels stacked and ready for use.  Everyday necessities on the counter (or should I say “the things my husband won’t let me put in a drawer and out of eyesight”).  Semi-clean. 

Mirror picture bonus: shot of me being uber professional

No one would guess that it’s hiding a secret.  Yes, a dirty little secret.

What's that you say? You want a close up to see just how insane this is?

Queue "Psycho" soundtrack here...

You see, as long as things on the surface seemed orderly,  I was never reminded of the rather unorderly cabinet space.  Until I needed nail polish.  Or toilet paper.  Or a new deodorant.  Or travel supplies.  Or my hair dryer.   At which point I would open and close the doors as quickly as possible to try and pretend the mess didn’t exist.   That can only last for so long however, and recently I decided that enough was enough.

I’d been hoarding some Bed Bath and Beyond coupons for a while and decided to get me some organizational help.  By the way, did you know that you can use expired coupons?  And ONE expired coupon per ITEM?  So if you have four 20% off coupons (like I did), you can use one for each of your four items?  Holla!  Right?  So note to self everyone:  Never throw away a BBB coupon. Use it or give it to me.

I came home with the following:

  • Under-the-sink shelf (to utilize all of the unused height of the cabinet)
  • 2 short fabric baskets (to coral all of the junk really important items)
  • 1 large (and tall) fabric basket (to accommodate some of the larger items)

Now I just needed to cross my fingers that it all worked in the space.  Apparently I was so excited to get organized that I didn’t take time to measure my cabinets.  I hate it when I do that. 

My strategy was to empty everything out of the cabinet, give it an honest judgement (will I really use this purple eyeshadow?  No.  How about this blonde hair extension?  Yes!  haha), toss anything that is old or unneeded, divide into categorized piles (travel, extras, hair, everyday, etc.), stock in pre-purchased baskets, and put away.   Easy right? 

Only 30 minutes later...

Right!  It WAS easy.  And I was kicking myself for not doing it months earlier.  I got rid of so much unneeded excess, which always feels good.  Plus, the under-the-sink shelf worked perfectly in the space and gave me access to the much-desired height of the cabinet.  Goodbye wasted space.  Hello organization.  

Overall, I’m happy with the change.  I know exactly where everything is and more importantly I know exactly WHAT is down there.  Now I don’t have to cringe when I grab my hair dryer from its happy little home in the morning, instead it makes me kind of excited to open the cabinet doors.  In fact, I’ve caught myself a few times just opening them to open them…..just to make sure the cabinet gnomes didn’t mess it up again.

Please tell me I’m not the only one with a messy bathroom cabinet!  What have other people done to organize theirs?



  1. First of all, I must say I am thoroughly enjoying reading your blog. It’s nice to take a peek at your life back home since you never call me back. Haha! I kid. Anyway, I have to tell you this was so our bathroom cabinet before we moved. I too learned all kinds of handy organization tricks that I seriously didn’t even know existed. Job well done, my friend! Oh, and call me. ;-)

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