I want to Paint it Black

Please tell me you have that Rolling Stones song in your head right now.  Good.  That makes two of us!

I’m not sure where my affinity towards black furniture came from, but it’s been around for a while.  I think it started several years ago when I quit my job (because start-ups have a hard time paying employees) and needed a project.  I had inherited an old pedestal table from my dad that used to be my mothers.  Problem was, it was the faintest shade of lime green…a color that didn’t really please me (I guess I figured black would please me more).  Enter project.  I spent two weeks scraping, sanding, painting and clear-coating.  It turned out gorgeous and is still my kitchen table today.  I was so impressed with myself that I did the same thing to a bookcase that houses my cookbooks, bar accessories and martini glasses.  I love that the table has sentimental value and is also a timeless piece.  Let’s not bring up the fact that I DIDN’T need to sand it because I was painting not staining.  Chalk that one up to lessons learned. 

Anyways I digress.  Did I mention I am wordy?  I tend to be wordy.

I ended up inheriting another sentimental piece recently.  My grandmother had a spoon collection that I always admired when going over to her house.  The tiny shiny spoons (shiny!) were so neat…they would have engravings of the city they were from, and the handles of the spoons were always so ornate.  She would pick one up whenever she traveled…and sometimes us grandchildren would send one to her from our travels.  I just thought it was one of the most unusual collections.  In fact, I think she herself inherited the spoon collection from her mother because there are initials engraved on the back of some – but I’ll need to check with my Aunt Judi on that one.   

My grandma is pretty sick right now and being cared for.  My aunt decided that us grandkids should have something of hers that was sentimental, so I crossed my fingers that the spoons weren’t on someone else’s list….well they weren’t.  So now I have them.  I wanted to display them somewhere that I could be reminded of her daily, and being a utensil and all, what better place than the kitchen?

Well, the light brown display piece didn’t really mesh well with all the black.  I decided it wasn’t the display holder that was sentimental, so why not make it match?  And this time, no sanding silly.

So here’s a picture of the holder as I received it.

Spoon Display - Before

Here she is, ready to get primed!

And after a quick coat of primer:

Spoon Display - During

Spray Paint rules!

And after 3 coats of the same leftover paint from my table project (I didn’t get to spray paint this layer, but hey, the paint was free):

Spoon Display - After
Ahhh…much better!

And after a quick polishing, the spoons were ready to back to a new little home:

Spoon Display - Done!


I think the black paint really makes the silver spoons stand out!  Don’t you?  I love that I can meander over and admire the spoons anytime I want.  I seem to always find something new that I never noticed before when I do that. 

It also seems very fitting that I placed it next to my hutch, because the hutch used to be my grandma’s as well.  I got that piece when she was moving and couldn’t take it with her.  I think the two pieces compliment each other nicely and I look forward to passing them along to my own children someday!

Yes those are my Christmas cards still on display. Don't judge me!

This is a post for another day…but the hutch used to be the same color as the spoon display (before the black).  I guess my grandma had taste too and wanted all of her stuff to match!  A fire in our garage destroyed it and I left it to the professionals to refurbish it…but can you believe it used to look like this?!
It’s awful isn’t it?  I’m glad I left it to the professionals (and the Insurance company) to deal with.  The guy did an amazing job didn’t he?  Even though he did look at me a little cross-eyed when I told him to stain it black. 
Does anyone else have a thing for black furniture and painting things black?


  1. Well, I like black furniture and I like shiny spoons. Made me happy to see Grandma’s collection up on the wall, it looks fabulous dahling! Oh, and I think I like this blog idea…it’s kind of like sneaking into your bedroom and reading your diary! ha ha j/k I never did that, really.

  2. Love the shiny spoons! I agree with Erin, bloging is like sneaking into your room and reading your diary, which Amy & I did do :-)

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